Top 4 Must Have Beach Wedding Photos from a local PCB and 30A Wedding Photographer

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Aug 4, 2022

You’ve booked your venue near or on the beach in PCB or 30A and the wedding planning is in full swing. Now, it’s time to meet with your photographer and create a list of your must-have wedding photos. Of course, you want pictures with family, but you can’t forget about the details and candid moments. Here is how I plan with my couples on what pictures to prioritize on your wedding day!

The Little Things

If you don’t make time to capture the little things, you may regret it. There’s something unbelievably sentimental about being able to look back on your wedding veil, your invites all laid out, your rings you spent hours looking for, decor, flowers, etc.”

Sentimental Moments

When I have my couples start brainstorming ideas for specific photos to add to their list, I always ask them to include photos of moments that are special to them. These items could include their father-daughter dance, the bride’s mom helping her get ready, their reactions during speeches, etc. These are always things that you are able to look back on and remember how truly special these moments were on your big day.

Celebration Moments

I always like to have my couples include some ‘out of the norm‘ shots, such as a fun exit with bubbles or a champagne pop or toast with the bridesmaids. I encourage couples to think outside the box as they always lead to some fun shots. They always make some of the best moments to relive from your beach wedding!

The Details

You’ve spent so much time putting everything together, so let these details shine! Ask your photographer to capture any details they see fit, from the reception to the flowers. These details took months to plan, so you want to make sure you always remember them.

The possibilities are really endless when it comes to ‘must have’ photos you should take at your wedding! The most important thing is communicating with your photographer what you truly want!

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