4 Easy Ways to Prepare for Amazing Headshot Sessions in Panama City Beach

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Apr 22, 2022

headshot sessions in panama city beach

As a local photographer, I love the opportunity to provide headshot sessions in Panama City Beach. I love doing headshot sessions because I can connect with other local businesses in the area. Most people assume that headshots are just for government roles or realtors, but that isn’t the case at all. Headshots are a powerful way to market yourself. You could be a small business owner, hairstylist, lawyer, wellness coach, or perhaps you just want a good clean Facebook profile image of yourself. In this post, I share 5 easy ways you can prepare for a headshot session in Panama City Beach.

Planning your Headshot Session in Panama City Beach

Since headshot sessions are usually shorter, quick sessions, giving your photographer as many details as possible during the planning session will help. Sharing what your expectations are and the overall look and feel you are going for allows me to direct the session to achieve what you are looking for. Think about where and how you are wanting to use these photos. Are you wanting to update photos on your website? Do you want to use them as content on your social media channels? Wanting to post a billboard in the area? Knowing these things help me provide you with a different variety of poses and backdrops that work best for your needs! My studio in Martinique, which is behind Captain Anderson’s, has the most amazing lighting for Headshots. We can do a mixture of outdoor and studio.

Schedule for Professional Hair and Make Up for Headshots

Your headshot is something that will represent you and can also be a first impression, so it’s a good opportunity to make sure you look your best. Professional hair and makeup is not just for events and special occasions. Studio photography requires professional studio lighting similar to the lighting used for professional video, so that shine on your nose and forehead or that redness from too much sun will be noticeable. For men and women both, I highly recommend booking our professional hair and makeup artist for your session.

Keep It Natural!

Even though you are booking professional hair and make up services, you still want to look natural in your photos. I tell my clients to book at the beauty counter at Dillard’s or to find a local makeup artist. There is a local salon in Panama City Beach that does amazing blow outs with a dry bar named Paradigm Salon & Spa.

What to Wear for Headshot Sessions in Panama City Beach

When thinking about what to wear for your headshot session, I recommend lighter colors such as champagne, blush, baby blue or cream. These colors tend to have the most flattering tones for your skin. Make sure you are comfortable in whatever you choose to wear. My clients will bring 3 to 4 tops and a blazer to their headshot session. Avoid busy patterns and loose fitting clothing. Also, it is best to avoid all-white dress shirts or blouses if you are not wearing a jacket or sweater over it. White shirts often cause a loss of detail and depth and easily washes them out. I also tell my clients to avoid wearing jewelry that can be distracting as well. Most importantly, make sure your clothes have been pressed or ironed. It is extremely difficult, almost impossible, to edit wrinkled clothing!


Sounds simple enough, but often the hardest to achieve. If you aren’t relaxed, that mood will be conveyed in the photo through body language and expression and diminishes the quality of the photo. Be sure to stay hydrated the day before and of your session and get plenty of rest! Don’t forget to bring a small touch up kit – makeup, lint brush, etc. Lay out everything the day before as well! This will also help you arrive to your session less stressed!

Are you ready to plan your own headshot session in Panama City Beach? Head over to my contact page to get started! If you are looking for more photography sessions in PCB or 30A? Check out my website!

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