Preparing for your 30A Family Beach Session


Mar 22, 2022

So you have booked your 30A Family Beach Session, now what? Let me share a few tips and tricks with you as a local photographer!

I am so blessed to be a photographer here in the 30A and capture gorgeous family beach sessions! 30A is a tourist destination for visitors from all over the world! They are famous for our beautiful beaches and coastline, making it a perfect spot for family beach photos.

30A family beach session

I love the beach – I always have. It doesn’t matter the weather. There’s a calm, a peacefulness, but also an energy that comes with open space on the sand and the power of the waves. It’s no secret that family beach sessions are my jam. Some of my very favorite images are from family beach sessions. The kids have room to run and play, there are no shoes allowed, and at the end, we get wet!

Let’s prepare for your 30A Family Beach Session…..

What you wear makes a difference!

Flowy dresses, relaxed styles and complimentary colors to the beach make a world of difference. In other words, the days of everyone in khaki pants or jeans and white shirts are over. I’m happy to consult with my clients on wardrobe and even provide free styling to help relieve some stress! After you book your 30A Family Beach Session with me, I will send over my exclusive style guide with all the tips and tricks for the entire family’s outfits!

Your children should be comfortable at the beach!

  • Your children should be comfortable at the beach. For instance, have they been to the beach before? Do they like the sand? Are they bothered by the noise of the ocean and waves? All things to think about. If you answered no, it might be best to put off a beach session until your kids are older or are more used to being at the beach.

  • Set expectations ahead of time by letting them know we are going to take pictures for a little while FIRST, then they can play! I love when families just relax and have fun! Remember, you are at the beach! If your kids like to collect seashells, let them! Better yet, join in with them! These moments are perfect to photograph, and you can relive them for a lifetime!

Remember – you are at the BEACH!

  • You may get wet, very wet. Come prepared with towels and possibly a change of clothes. For example, I love when we get to spend time letting the kids do their own thing at the end of a 30A Family Beach session. I love being able to capture them in their natural state of play!
  • Arrive early!!! Beach parking isn’t easy. It can be crowded and difficult to find a parking spot.

To sum it up, the most important thing to remember when you are planning your family beach session is to have fun. Forget about the word ‘perfect’ and embrace the moment with your family.

Ready to book your own 30A Family Beach Session? Head over to my contact page to get started! Looking for more inspo to have the best beach session? Check out this blog post!

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